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Text Formating - Format Conversion

File Format Conversions
FromTo toolsource comments
.doc.html , .latexabiword AbiWord nice word-processor, and converts any .doc
.doc.htmlmswordview mswordview-0.4.9 converts msword8.doc to html
.html.pdf , .pshtmldoc htmldoc works well
imageimagedisplay ImageMagick image manipulation tools , .txtpdftops , pdftotext xpdf xpdf pdfimages pdftopbm pdfinfo
.psfig,html,pdf, pic,gnuplot, etcpstoedit pstoedit postscript to most anything nonimage
.ps.gif pstogif latex2html latex to html
.ps.pdf ps2pdf ghostscript .ps viewer
.tex.html tetex teTeX no gifs! uses <FONT face="symbol">
troff.html unroff unroff not perfect, but a good start...
trofflatex tr2latex tr2latex not perfect, but a good start...

TeX, LaTeX
  • TeXaide - free equation editor, for win9x, latex output

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