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All sections of Math 115, including honors, use the same textbook.

Text:  Essentials of Statistics, by Triola, Fifth Edition (custom printing), Pearson publishers.   It is crucial that you get the MyStatLab access code with your textbook.  It comes packaged with textbook at the UT bookstore for $122.95; most of the other bookstores near campus sell them packaged together as well.  If you purchase the book without the MyStatLab access code you will need to buy one directly from the Pearson website, the cost for the access code alone will be approximately $95.  The online homework system comes with access to the eBook.  You may buy the access code directly from the Pearson website and not get a hard copy of the textbook if you wish.

Course Description:  An introduction to probability and statistics without calculus.  Not available for credit to students in the College of Business Administration.  This course qualifies for 3 credit hours towards the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) distribution requirement.  This course is not required for any mathematics degree and therefore does not support the degree-level learning objectives for the Mathematics Department. 

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