Jochen Denzler

Visiting Asst Professor at the University of Notre Dame during the academic year 2000/2001

The absolutely outrageous CALCULUS IS COOL webpage

Warning: this material is for a mature calculus audience, which is why you won't find anything like this in your textbook. Viewing of material beyond the required textbook style material may lead to a Math addiction and to a condescending attitude towards your textbook. It may even impair your ability to get drunk [assuming you are of legal age], by giving you something much cuter to do.

The author of this web page assumes no responsibility for missed exams due to excessive stimulation of thoughts about calculus.

Disclaimer: Views, jokes or saucy remarks are my private responsibility and shall not be construed as an official statement of the University

Second disclaimer: Just to avoid misunderstandings by a casual observer: this web page does not contain R-18 rated language, because it is for a mature audience only.

Texts intended to help mastering material

Bonus track

In case you don't know: A bonus track session, unlike a help session, contains material not covered in the exam, but uncovering the spirit of material covered in class.

Nutritious Homework

Right now, there is nothing set up to grade or credit the nutritious homework. Everything on the Calculus is Cool webpage is experimental, deliberately not the way things are usually being done. Therefore, if you expect 'immediate positive reinforcement' for doing it, I regret that it isn't available. Personally, I think reinforcement is for lab rats; - humans need appreciation, love, and inspiring thoughts. But it will take a while until this distinction gets more widely appreciated.

However, I wouldn't invest all the time in setting this up, if I didn't believe sincerely that it will help you in getting along better with the material. Calculus is the creation of 2-3 centuries, it IS NOT simple. However, oversimplified calculus is even more difficult!

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Last modified:Apr 23, 2001