Some basic facts about calculus textbooks

Here are some observations I made when teaching calculus:

When I lecture on `purple diamonds' and there is a textbook section called `purple diamonds', a plausible students' question is: which section are we?

Once I pointed out a gross misconception in an example of the textbook to a more experienced colleague giving another section of the same course, and he told me: usually, it's not a problem, the kids won't read it.

So I tried to figure out the reasons why students don't like calculus textbooks. But I failed badly. I couldn't help observing how cool, hip, and up to date calculus textbooks are:

Fair Price for a Calculus Textbook

Actually, for a 1st year calculus textbook of abysmal quality, $120.- is a fair price. What is not fair is that these bucks go to the publisher as a sale price, rather than to the student as a storage fee.