math 107 webpage - fernando schwartz

office hours

  • Thursdays 2:35-4:35pm or by appointment, in
    Room 225 of Physics Building (West Campus)
  • course materials

  • syllabus, homework and exam dates sheet
  • a basic matlab example
  • course info

  • grades will be posted in blackboard
  • the duke community standard is taken very seriously.
    make certain you are familiar with it.
  • homeworks: you are encouraged to work in groups to
    exchange ideas and help each other understand how
    to approach problems, but the student's work must be
    his or her own. copying or dictating is not allowed.
    homework is collected on a daily basis.
  • exams: students are not allowed to have any outside
    help during exams or quizzes.
  • grading system

  • letter grades will be assigned only at the end of the
    semester, once the block final has been graded and
    a curve has been defined.
  • student's grade depends on the amount of points
    obtained throughout the semester.
  • there will be 3 tests, each worth up to 100 pts
  • homework grade is the average of all but the worst
    assignment grade. it is worth up to 60 pts.
  • homeworks are COLLECTED DAILY
  • late homeworks are NOT accepted.
  • the final exam is worth up to 200 pts
  • the maximum class score is 560 pts
  • test grade revision is accepted only in written and
    within 1 week of the day you got your test back

  • useful links

  • math information for first-year students