Fall 2014
Office hours TBA, or by appointment.

Math 569-002: Computational Geometry and Topology

(Official Name: Seminar in Geometry and Topology)
TR 9:40-10:55, Ayres Hall 111

Course Description

The objective of this course is to give an introduction to Computational Geometry and Topology.


"Computational Topology," by H. Edelsbrunner and J.L. Harer. AMS.
"Topology," 2nd Edition, by J.R. Munkres. Prentice Hall.

Course Syllabus

Syllabus can be found here. (PDF)

FYS 129-031: Big Data First-Year Studies

Thursdays 11:10-12, Ayres Hall 121

Course Description

Big Data seems to be everywhere. But what is it? What has been done with it? What can we use it for? In this class we will answer some of this questions. In particular, we will apply some mathematical tools from Computational Topology to work out examples.