Spring 2014
Office hours TBA, or by appointment.

Math 462: Topology and Geometry for Data Analysis

(Official Name: Differential Geometry)
TR 9:40-10:55, Ayres Hall 123

Course Description

Welcome to our class! The objective of this course is to give an introduction to the relatively new area of Computational Topology. We will learn to use tools (mostly) from the mathematical theory of Topology, and then we will implement them computationally for finding interesting structures within data sets.

Your grade in the class will depend on the homework performance (50%) and on your final presentation (50%).


"Computational Topology," by H. Edelsbrunner and J.L. Harer. AMS.

"Topology," 2nd Edition, by J.R. Munkres. Prentice Hall.

Course Syllabus and Homework

Syllabus and Homework can be found here.