Instructor Information

Instructor: Luís Finotti
Office: Ayres Hall 251
Web Page:

I am an Associate Professor at the Math Department of the University of Tenessee (Knoxville). I am originally from Brazil, but have been in the US for 25 years and in Knoxville for over 16 years. My area of research is Number Theory.


Course Description

In this course we will review the concepts of fractions, exponentials and logs and apply them to concrete examples in finances, e.g., dealing with interest, such as credit cards and investments.

Course Materials and Assigned Readings

Notes taken during the course will suffice. Slides from lectures will be provided.

Evaluation Method

Students will turn in three homework sets. An average of 60% or above is necessary to pass.



Expected Behaviors in the Course

Students must be respectful towards each other and the instructor, must work on the daily assignments, and must be quiet and attentive during the lectures.

Code of Conduct

All students participating in the 2022 UT Project GRAD Summer Institute must comply with the Code of Conduct that was placed in student binders, and discussed at the school meetings with Project GRAD Staff and students and at the Parent Meetings. Any deviation from the Code of Conduct may result in progressive disciplinary action ranging from removal from class to dismissal from the Summer Institute.


Below are the slides from our lectures.


Below are the homework sets for our course.