This is an introductory course on differential geometry of curves and surfaces; the only
prerequisite is multivariable calculus (Math 241 or 247 at U.T.K.). The intended audience includes
students (undergaduate or graduate) interested in applications of surface geometry
(to areas such as image processing, computer graphics, optimal design, engineeringarchitecture, materials sciences and physics.)

Main topics:

For fun: minimal surface art gallery (by Matthias Weber, Indiana U.)
minimal surface gallery (M. Weber)


M.P. do Carmo, Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces
B. O'Neill, Elementary Differential Geometry
D.J. Struik, Lectures on Classical Differential Geometry, Dover paperback (most likely text for the course)

Grading: based on weekly problem sets and (if necessary) a written final.