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Copyright, Ken Stephenson. (Read LICENSE)

The author thanks the National Science Foundation, the Tennessee Science Alliance, and the Department of Mathematics at the University of Tennessee for support in creating this software.

Apologies: The current version of CirclePack works only on unix systems and uses a GUI (graphical user interface) called XView which is no longer being supported. An executable is included, but if it doesn't work right out of the box you may need some serious systems help to get it running. I am in the process of porting the software to Java for cross-platform use and will make that available when it is ready.

Downloading: the file CPtree.tgz  expands to give subdirectories /doc, /src, /include, /lib, /openwin, and /demo. See the README for instructions on installation and for command details. The programs run on unix machines under X-Windows and have been successfully compiled on PC's and Alpha's running Linux, as well as on Sun's using both SunOS and Solaris. A statically compiled version of CirclePack in the src/ directory should run on PC's under linux. (Other software: RePack.c standalone repacking engine and DesPack.c for working with dessins: static executables RePack and DP are provided.) The sources are provided, so compiling can be attempted on other platforms, but help of a systems administrator is strongly recommended; libraries are provided for the XView interface, but there can still be problems in compiling and in handling of colors. The /demo directory contains "script" files. Read a script into CirclePack with the command "script demo.cmd", then see the action by repeatedly pushing the 'Execute next cmd' button in the script window.

Latest Compiled Versions: CirclePack (graphical interface version), SA (command-line version), and RePack.

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Date: November 2003.