Math171 - Alexiades - UTK
MATH 171 Fall 2021
Computer Literacy for Mathematics

Computers and Programming for Beginners
TR 1:10-2:25, Ayres 110 (in-person class)

Prof. Vasilios ALEXIADES   Ayres 213   974-4922
                      Office Hours: TR 2:30-3:00 and by arrangement

Course Objectives: Essentials of computers and computing. We will cover:
  • Algorithms and programming, mainly in MATLAB, some Python, gnuplot.
  • About operating systems (UNIX/Linux and Windows) and tools
  • Internet, WWW and tools (basic HTML, creating your own web page, TCP/IP, client/server, SSH, SCP, ...)
  • Applications to scientific computing (roots, quadrature, least squares, some statistics, ...)

    TEXTS: (all free, may download PDF)
      • Intro to Matlab Bookboon (download it, free and useful)
      • Physical Modeling in MATLAB  by Allen Downey (download it, free and useful)
      • Introduction to Matlab programming , by Fabio Canova (free download)

      • Matlab Workbook (with basics)
      • Get Started with Matlab
      • Tutorials:   There are many free tutorials and videos on the web, e.g.
          Complete MATLAB Tutorial for Beginners good multipart videos
      • Learn Matlab, TutorialsPoint, for beginers, excellent
      • Get Started with MATLAB, from Mathworks
      • listing of books, tutorials, etc:   Learn MATLAB: Best Matlab courses, tutorials & books 2020
      • also see:   Learn MATLAB Basics at Mathworks,   and Matlab resources
      • Matlab Cheat-Sheet for Data Science from London School of Economics
    If you are happy not having to pay for a book, you may want to fill out this nomination form.

    Software:  Install Matlab (and FreeMat or Scilab or Octave) on your computer(s).
      • Matlab: UTK has site license, so free for students (but installation is messy and long...):
              Go to Matlab , click 'Download Software' at left, then 'Log in' and login with your NetID, select MathWorks , click 'Sign in to get started'
              Create a MathWorks account (and save the password you enter)
              download (from MathWorks), read the "How to Install" document which will contain an activation key
              (may want to record/save the 'activation key' number for future access)

      • GNU Octave: open source matlab-clone, smallest package (but not fully compatible):   Octave
      • FreeMat: open source super-matlab (but not 100% compatible), get it from   FreeMat
      • Scilab: open source super-matlab (but not 100% compatible), get it from   Scilab
      • Gnuplot: simplest, powerful, free plotter, highly recommended!   gnuplot site
  • Quizes: 3 or 4 of them, NO MAKEUPS.
  • Computational Labs: 10 to 12 of them
  • FINAL EXAM:   Wed 8 Dec   10:30-12:45
  • Course Grade = (50%)Labs + (30%)Quizes + (20%)Final exam
  • Do NOT miss class.
  • Do ALL assigned work promptly, before and after class.
  • DO NOT hesitate to ask questions and seek help.
  • Try VERY hard not to fall behind; it is always very difficult to catch up.
  • Do not hesitate to came talk to me if you are facing difficulties.
    !!! GOOD LUCK !!!

  • All incidents of academic misconduct will be reported to the Student Judicial Affairs office.
  • If you need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability, please contact me privately.
       Contact the Office of Disability Services (2227 Dunford Hall, 974-6087) to coordinate reasonable
       accommodations for documented disabilities.

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