Industrial Math - Alexiades
                  GUIDE on Preparing Proposals
The purpose of a proposal is to convince someone (upper management, a funding agency) to fund your work.
It should describe the subject matter, the significance of the problem to be studied, 
the methodology to be followed, what will be delivered, a timetable of the work, and a budget!

Typically, proposals are organized as follows:
	   Title page
	1. Introduction (Background/Significance)
	2. Problem description
	3. Methodology
	4. Deliverables
	5. Timetable
	6. Budget

Here are some general guidelines for each part.

0. Title Page
   Proposal TITLE 

1. Introduction/Background
   A description of what this is about
   Background information, context in which the issues arise
   Significance/relevance of the subject matter
   What is known about the problem
   Importance of the problem to be studied
   Qualifications of personnel involved in the project

2. Problem Description
   Description of the problem to be studied
   Questions/issues to be addressed
   Expected impact of the proposed work

3. Methodology
   Description of how the problem will be approached
   Tasks envisioned
   Name/characterize the methods/approaches to be used
   Main features/advantages/disadvantages of proposed methods

4. Deliverables
   What will be delivered at the end of the project

5. Timetable
   Duration of proposed work
   Milestones: which task will be completed by when

6. Budget
   Personnel qualifications
   Expected costs for personnel, materials, travel

Of course, some of these might perhaps be irrelevant/inappropriate for a particular project, 
but it wouldn't hurt including whatever you can come up with, be creative...