Alexiades - UTK
Gnuplot on the fly
The easiest way to use Gnuplot on Unix is via scripts.
  • Put these files in the directory with your code (better: in a dir on your unix PATH, mine is ~/.S/ ):
          gplot,   gnuplot_template

    The shell script gplot produces a gnuplot-script out of the datafile (and calls gpgp).
    The shell script gpgp creates the plot (as .ps or .png) and displays the plot.
    They must be executable: chmod   +x   gplot   gpgp

    Here is how to use them:
    1. To plot a (multicolumn) file, say "dat", at the unix prompt type:
      gplot dat   (it prompts you for columns, defaults: 1 , 2).
      This creates a gnuplot-script file .
    2. You can edit the file to customize it for this plot
      (set title, xrange, yrange, other files to plot, etc).
    3. Then do: gpgp
      which gnuplots it producing "", and displays the plot with gv.