Linux in Windows10 via WSL
	   a simpler alternative to VirtualBox, only for Win10

1. install Xming Putty:   instructions 
	(ignore "xclock", try "xterm" instead for testing)

2. Enable WSL on your Win10:    instructions 

3. Click on Microsoft Store app on you Win10, search for Ubuntu,
   select "Run Linux on Windows" and install Ubuntu (a popular Linux pack).
   Ubuntu will show up in Start menu. Clicking it will open a linux terminal.
   First time you start linux you will create an account. 
   (local on Ubuntu only). Set a password, this will be independent of 
   any other account, may use a short one, you'll need to enter it often...

Now you have Linux inside your Win!
Click on Ubuntu to get a (bash shell) terminal.

4. Set up a folder in your Win10 to share files with linux:
   Create a folder in your Documents, e.g. WSLubuntu 
   and then, in the linux window,  a link to it (USER is your user name on Win10):
	ln -s /mnt/c/Users/USER/Documents/WSLubuntu  shared
   Files in it, and only in it, will be accessible by both Win and Linux.

5. To let WSL use Xming for X11, do this in the bash terminal:
	echo "export DISPLAY=\":0.0\"" >> ~/.bashrc
6. Important, do these in the bash terminal:
	sudo apt update
	sudo apt upgrade
	sudo apt install x11-apps evince ssh 
   ( Optional, for LaTeX:
	sudo apt install texlive dvipdf pdflatex xdvi )

That's it! Any Linux package you may need you can install by:
	sudo apr install package
e.g. 	sudo apr install  xterm

To see what packages are installed in your Ubuntu:
	 dpkg --list | more

To uninstall (remove) a package:
	 sudo apt-get remove “package-name” 
or, to completely remove it and any personalized settings:
	 sudo apt-get purge  “package-name” 

At this point you have Linux with bash shell in Win10!

For basic Linux commands see
	 How-To basics
and here is a
	 Linux cheat sheet, with much more than you really need...