tcsh setup in Linux

Follow the steps in WSLubuntu to install Ubuntu Linux inside your Win10
The following also apply to any Linux (except 'sudo apt' steps).

7. Now install tcsh , xterm, gfortran, make in Ubuntu:
	sudo apt install tcsh
	sudo apt install xterm
	sudo apt install make
	sudo apt install gfortran
	( and similarly for any other missing program, like zip )

8. Download the zip file:
   and save it in your WSLubuntu (shared) folder.
9. Click Ubuntu in Win to get a bash shell. In it:
	cd  shared
	cd  setup-scripts_few
   Read the  0readme.txt  file: vi 0readme.txt
   which describes how to set up tcsh and scripts.

10. Finally to switch from bash to tcsh:
	echo "#--- start tcsh ---" >> ~/.bashrc
	echo "echo '... starting tcsh ... then do: ss' " >> ~/.bashrc
	echo "tcsh" >> ~/.bashrc

   Then click on Ubuntu again, another bash terminal will pop up,
   and it will switch to tcsh, my favored shell.

At this point you have Linux with tcsh and fortran compiler!