Future Directions for Greek Myths

This project to bring the Greek Myths on line is still in an embryonic state. The first priority is to add many more stories. The current information is mostly on the Titans and Olympian gods. The next step will be adding Heros, followed by the Trojon War and related events, then the families Atreus, Thebes, and Athens.

I also want to add images. There are a few taken from etchings, drawing, and woodcuts. What I would like to add are images based on the many famous oil paintings of the myths.

One of the key advantages to hypertext is the ability to access information in different ways. The current effort already provides a high ratio of links to text. There are several different additional access paths I would like to add: family trees, alphabetical index, an index from characters to stories through a button.

Another, advantage to hypertext is the ability to present different versions of the material. I have the text from Bulfinch's Mythology on disk. I hope to cross reference this to make it easy to compare his account to mine. A number of the great Greek drama's are also in machine form these can be added and linked in to allow the reader to quickly lookup the references in the plays. Much work is being done in archology to understand the basis of the myths. It should be possible to cross referance this as well.

Standards for hypertext style in their infancy. Any feedback on the approach is appreciated.

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