Geometry and Topology Seminar

Mondays 3-4pm (Eastern Time), Ayres Hall G013

Speaker: Thomas Ng

Title: Quotients of free products

Abstract: Quotients of free products are natural combinations of groups that have been exploited to study embedding problems. These groups have seen a resurgence of attention from a more geometric point of view following celebrated work of Haglund--Wise and Agol. I will discuss a geometric model for studying quotients of free products. We will use this model to adapt ideas from Gromov's density model to this new class of quotients, their actions on CAT(0) cube complexes, and combination theorems for residual finiteness. Results discussed will be based on ongoing work with Einstein, Krishna MS, Montee, and Steenbock.

Spring 2024


Conrad Plaut
Yulan Qing