Seminar on Laplace operator and Geometry, Jochen Denzler

I gave this seminar, together with Tony Tromba, at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, in Summer 1994. (I had tried an earlier version before, at the ETH Zürich, together with U. Kirchgraber.) The punchline was that the students had to acquire a vast variety of prerequisites through self-study homework: we used 2 hours per week discussing this material, and 2 more hours where the participants actually presented work. In spite of the fact that these four work hours counted only as two credit hours, the very intense tutoring and the appeal of the material attracted sufficiently many people to carry out the program.

Here is the course material. It is in German language, please pardon me that I don't have the time to translate it. Some grad students may be able to use it as a concise introduction or for self-study.

I reserve all copyright in this material, but you are welcome to use it for research and teaching and learning, as long as you don't do it commercially.

Alle hier vorliegenden Steilkurse haben eine sehr selektive Themenauswahl, genau auf den Bedarf des Seminars zugeschnitten; vielleicht sind sie doch dem einen oder anderen nützlich.