Basic course data:

M148 -- Honors Calculus II, Spring 2004
Instructor: Jochen Denzler

MWF 1:25-2:15, Ayres 309A

Textbook: any halfway intelligent Calculus textbook (none is really excessively intelligent); old editions fine

Syllabus: pdf file --- dvi file

Final exam scheduled by university policy as a function of the meeting time of the course:
For this class, it is: May 3, 12:30-2:30

Find the homework here:
(pdf file) --- (dvi file)
Note that sometimes the lecture follows the homework, rather than vice versa, and that some hwk may be posted a bit before you can be expected to do it. To see what is actually assigned when, see the Class Diary.

Class Diary, with links to homework

Some other course material

for the time being, refer to calculus material from earlier course: click here
I may replace this later with minor modifications or updates, or leave it as is. This material will only become relevant a bit later in the course.