Basic course data:

M351 -- Algebra I, Spring 2004,
Instructor: Jochen Denzler

MWF 10:10 - 11:00, Ayres 111

Textbook: McCoy, Janusz: Introduction to Abstract Algebra

Syllabus: pdf file --- dvi file

Final exam scheduled by university policy as a function of the meeting time of the course:
For this class, it is: Tue May 04, 10:15-12:15

Class Diary, with links to homework

Homework collected here:

This is for reference only.
To see what is old, what is newly assigned, and when it is due, access the hwk by link from the Class Diary

Homework 1: pdf file --- dvi file
Homework 2: pdf file --- dvi file
Homework 3: pdf file --- dvi file
It turned out that folks needed much more detailed hints for pblm 24: pdf file --- dvi file
Sol's for problems 31,32 may be useful for study material: pdf file --- dvi file
Homework 4: pdf file --- dvi file

Some supplementary course material

4 pages on fundamentals about abstraction, as well as a list of field, ring, and group axioms. (Group axioms to be used only a few weeks later):
--- Fundamentals and Axioms: pdf file --- dvi file

2 pages: a historical perspective on arithmetic in number rings, referring to Problem number 22 from Hwk sheet 3
--- The Begin of an Exciting Story: pdf file --- dvi file