University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Supported by National Institutes of Health Award GM59924-01

Optimal Control Theory in Application to Biology: July 9-12, 2003

The short course leaders were: Dr. Suzanne Lenhart, Dr. Renee Fister, and Dr. Hem Raj Joshi.

This course gives an introduction to optimal control techniques for systems of ordinary differential equations. These techniques are applied to a variety of biological and medical examples. Models with one differential equation and one control are treated first and then the extension to systems of differential equations and multiple controls is given. Examples include disease, cancer, bioreactor, bear and fishery models. Bang-bang and singular control cases are covered. To illustrate an extension to a hybrid system of discrete time and continuous space variables, an integro-difference population model paper is presented.

Below are links to four lectures given at the short course and several papers on the material presented at the course.

There are also MATLAB examples to illustrate the ideas. The "lab" examples are designed to be user-friendly.

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