Course material for M251, Jochen Denzler

We used the texbook by Howard Anton: Elementary Linear Algebra

This was the syllabus: pdf file --- dvi file

I set up some notes, with two purposes in mind: First, to tie the material together and stress its coherence, preparing the abstract algebraic thinking within the concrete context. Second, to offer a glossary with basic definitions, ideas, theorems and cross-connections to other subjects and future courses. When the textbook has long been resold, the student can repeat some core material that may be needed at a later time. I wish I had had this available already when teaching a 2nd course in ODEs (linear systems). This was not a Moore style course, but if someone plans to do such a course, the glossary may serve as a first approximation to study material for such a course. (Guessing; I haven't tried it yet.) I make the material available, hoping that someone may find it useful.

I reserve the copyright in all course material created by me and made available here. You are welcome to use it for teaching, learning, or research as long as you are not using it commercially.

Bird's eye view: pdf file -- Bird's eye view: dvi file
This is a commented overview for the course contents (not a table of contents, but prose). I expected the students to reread it after every chapter.

Here is a glossary with the basic facts and definitions (36pp). Note that it sometimes looks ahead, presenting things as they fit together eventually, rather than in the piecemeal way they are being learnt.
M251 Glossary: pdf file -- M251 Glossary: dvi file

Homework assigned:

Hardly any textbook hwk, even though some are modeled after textbook hwk. Chapters are approximately chapters of the textbook; I reversed 2 and 3. Solutions were posted after submission for grading, but I have taken them out now.

Chapter 1: pdf file --- dvi file

Chapter 3: pdf file --- dvi file

Chapter 2: pdf file --- dvi file

Chapter 4: pdf file (must read with acroread; file inappropriate for xpdf) --- ps file
file also contains some conceptual review problems on older chapters.

Chapter 5: pdf file --- dvi file
final three problems: review problems indicated by exam2

Chapter 6: pdf file --- dvi file

Chapter 7: pdf file --- dvi file