Gilson Finotti Painting

A painting by my father, Gilson Finotti

Contact Information

Address: Ayres Hall 251
1403 Circle Drive
Department of Mathematics
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-1320
Phone: (865) 974-1321
Fax: (865) 974-6576 (Attn: Luís Finotti)
Office Hours: By appointment only (possibly with Zoom).


I'm an Associate Professor here at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Tennessee Knoxville. My area is Algebraic Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry.

Here is a picture of me. But be warned, after you see it, you can't unsee it! :-)

To my current students (Spring 2023)

Go to: Math 559 - "Linear Algebra", Data 201 - " Data Knowledge and Discovery", Math 397 - Junior Honors Seminar.



Courses taught at the University of Tennessee:  

Notes for the Project GRAD Summer Institute 2009: "A Gentle Introduction to Number Theory and Cryptography".

Here is a spreadsheet (Open Document format, MS Excel format) that can be used to computed interest, final value with interest and payments, calculate value of payments, and how long to pay off or save a specific value. You will need to read the instructions to use it.


For information on courses taught at the University of California Santa Barbara, or at at the Ohio State University, please e-mail me.

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Every time you go outside, it crosses my mind
Every time you go outside, go slowly

Looking for a piece of mind, don't lose your ground
Every time you lose your ground, fall softly

You become what you do, become what you feel
Become what you need, then softly fall
Stand up, don't you crawl, you have to be only reason you go that slowly

"5/4" by the iamthemorning.